Since 2010 OpenDedupe has actively developed the filesystem SDFS, and the Datish NAS appliance that uses it. SDFS performs inline deduplication to local or cloud storage and has many advanced features that allow users to optimize storage usage, scale, and protect large amounts of data.

SDFS is a great fit for use cases such as backup, long term retention, virtualization, and scale out storage.

Some of the Major Features of OpenDedupe SDFS are :

  • Inline Deduplication and Compression – SDFS uses 4k-256k  Variable block deduplication that is on par with the best solutions in the industry.
  • Cloud or Local Storage – SDFS can store data on local disk or in cloud object stores such as Amazon S3. It can even store data in Amazon Glacier
  • Optimized Replication – Volume only send unique blocks that are not already stored on the remote SDFS volume
  • File Level Snapshot – SDFS includes file level space optimized snapshoting
  • Encryption – AES-CBC 256 Bit encryption for both local and cloud storage
  • NetBackup Ceritfied – The maker of SDFS, Datish Systems, is a certified partner for Netbackup and OpenDedup is on the NetBackup HCL

The Datish Virtual NAS appliance is built ontop of SDFS to provide and provides a simple deployable solution. It simplifies the setup and management of SDFS and includes web management interface to control all aspects of storage lifecycle for SDFS. I can installed as a virtual or physical appliance.



The Datish NAS Appliance provides:

  • NFS and ISCS exports of SDFS volumes
  • Supports Multiple SDFS Volumes per appliance
  • Simplified setup of SDFS Volumes, system, and replication
  • Visual Reporting of deduplication rates, IO, and Usage
  • Predictable deployment and support