Comparing Deduplication Options

Deduplication Options Supported Destination Storage

Pictured above: sample chart you’ll find in the full guide, click here for full deduplication comparison guide

To help you understand the full range of advantages provided by using OpenDedup vs other data deduplication options, the team at PolarKey Technologies (our Professional Support team) has put together a very comprehensive comparative, overview of 4 different deduplication options, including: OpenDedup, Veritas Cloud Catalyst, Microsoft StorSimple 8000 series and SoftNAS.

The sections in this data deduplication comparison guide include:

  • Pricing and Support
  • Supported Operating System – Red Hat, Windows, CentOS and more
  • Veritas Components and Features – BackupExec, Enterprise Vault, NetBackup 8.x+, NetBackup pre-8.x and more
  • Supported Use Cases – HPE Data Protector, supported with Veeam, supported with Commvault, works with SharePoint and more
  • Supported Destination Storage – Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure – Blog, Generic S3 locations and more
  • Key Features – High availability support, IPv6 support, data throttling support, load balancing support and more
  • Deployment Options – Virtual infrastructure support, Minimum RAM, Minimum Internal Storage, Cloud Storage Options, Deployment Time and more

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