SDFS Depolys strong AES-CBC 256 bit encrytion. The encryption can be deployed for local or cloud backed data. This means that your data is secure from unwanted eyes whether its on disk or in the cloud.

SDFS uses AES-CBS 256 Bit encryption with a rotating Initialization Vector. The SDFS config contains the unique 256 Bit AES Key. The Key is generated per SDFS volume and add data is encryted before it is stored on disk or in the cloud.

When data is stored on local block storage all unique blocks are encrypted but the metadata is stored unencrypted for the best IO Performance. When data is sent to the cloud all data, metadata, and hash table entries are encrypted before the data is sent. The file names of the metadata are also encrypted by SDFS before they are in the cloud. This process is built into SDFS and does not rely of proprietary cloud storage encryption methods.